An Indian Management student explains to the French TV about interning and loving her life in France

How is an Indian student making it to the French Screen?

The story of Vaishnavi, a brilliant student from Kalyan, Maharashtra, has won hearts of French people thanks to her recent interview on TVBreizh show. “I had not come to France with the intention of settling down here, like I knew I wanted to live here for a few years. But today I think that looking at the culture, the lifestyle, everything, I love France. Like, I feel it’s very close to my heart, not because I stayed here, but because it accepted me, and it made me feel very special. Now if anybody asks me, where do you come from? I say India, but If I say, where do you live? I say France is my home.”

A great ambassador to the French audience, Vaishnavi has finished a 2-year Double Degree programme called Master in Management /MSc in International Finance in Rennes School of Business. She was in the middle of her final year internship in Finance for a French company when she responded to the interview request from the media. Indeed, a high employability rate is what explains the excellent results of French schools of Management in the regular top rankings, and internships have a great place to play. For over 20 years, French companies have been welcoming young students massively in their companies through internship or various alternance contracts. The phenomenon recently accelerated with the recent crisis with a Plan “1jeune 1 solution” (1 youth 1 solution) by the government, resulting in the lowest unemployment rate in youth in France since 1975.

The internships and the welcome by the school explain Vaishnavi’ s beautiful story of integration in her host country during her studies. Now, what made her choose a master’s degree in France, in Rennes School of Business?


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For more information:

Management studies recognized internationally:

Rennes School of Business is one of the 100 only Triple Accredited schools in the world (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA). Many of its programmes are among top 100 in the world (Msc in International Finance 24th in Financial Time 2021 ranking, …). It is also the most international school in Europe with 95% of non-French Faculty, 55% of foreign students for 80 nationalities represented on campus.

High employability rate:

One of the reasons for the worldwide recognition of the Higher Education System in France is the importance given to practical learning.

In Rennes School of Business, 96% of Master students report being employed within 6 months of graduation. The reasons of such great results a plenty.

For every year of studies, students are expected to do an internship, as it is the case with Vaishnavi at ADM group in St Nolf, France or Hemanshoo from MSc in Global Business Management:

Students are also encouraged to join student associations like Divyanshi from the Msc in International Luxury and Brand

Or Rajas, from Nagpur, currently in his last year of bachelor’s in management.,

Finally, the Master in Management, which Vaishnavi chose, is designed to offer strategic managerial skills in its first years but also specific functional/technical skills to pre experience students in their last years of studies which will make them highly attractive to companies: the content of the programme is designed to integrate the latest research produced by our Areas of Excellence and the experience of professors that have relevant and recent corporate experience.


Great cost/quality Ratio:

School like Rennes School of Business are not for profit and would offer comparatively reasonable tuition fees despite its top global ranking and many opportunities for scholarships.

The cost of living is also reasonable (6.5 Lak INR/year on average) in a city like Rennes, half less costly than Paris for a more relaxed yet very dynamic environment: Rennes was equipped with its metro line in 2002 already, only 6 months after Delhi! Today, the agglomeration is human size (8 Lak people big) and has an international airport (1 million passengers/year), the bullet train to Paris and main European cities, and 2 metro line.

On top, the government has pretty generous schemes for international students: the public health care ranked among the best in the world is accessible for free. Students below 28 years old can also avail an accommodation allowance equivalent to 30% of monthly rent.

More than ever, the world belongs to the open minded, so parents, students, Choose France, Choose Rennes School of Business. To find out more about the Bachelor in Management of Rennes School of Business, Rennes School of Business | School of Management ( or contact our India representation office in Bangalore: +918447153796

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