The latest episode of Anupamaa has a lot of twists and turns and tonnes of drama. Anuj stuns Anuapamaa with her new bungalow’s housewarming party. But Anupamaa feels like a complete stranger with the Shahs. Vanraj decides to stay away from Anupamaa’s family. However, the biggest shock comes from Barkha. Read the full article to know more. Also read: Anupamaa written update June 9: Barkha shocks Anuj with her suggestion, Anupamaa goes back home for post-wedding rituals

Anupamaa’s post wedding ritual

Anupamaa leaves joyously for her post wedding rituals. Pakhi, Samar, and Toshu pick her up and Leela plans her grand welcome. The Shah family enjoys some quality time together with Anupamaa but soon she realizes that she is no longer a member of this family. Vanraj and Leela remind her time and again that they can manage without her and she doesn’t need to worry. Leela calls her a ‘guest’, which hurts her. Samar tries to comfort her but Anupamaa has realizes that she has gone far away from her own family.

It’s only when Anuj arrives to pick her up, she gains her confidence back. He invites everyone for the housewarming party Barkha has organized for their new house. Anupamaa is stunned to know that their new house is all set to live in. Vanraj feels jealous and insecure of Anuj’s wealth. He suggests to Leela that they should stay away from the Kapadias. Pakhi prepares for the party but is disheartened to know that they aren’t going. How will this affect Anupamaa, who is counting on them to come as her family? Keep reading to find out.

Barkha’s secret plan

Anupamaa is back with Anuj at the Kapadia residence now. She expresses her worries about her ‘maaika’ to Anuj, who convinces her that she is just over-thinking. However, Anupamaa continues to feel anxious about the party next day. Anuj takes the opportunity to bring her smile back and surprises her with a very expensive necklace for the party. Anupamaa is blown away by his gesture.

Barkha is the in-charge of the housewarming party and she invites all the affluent businessmen of the city. Ankush wonders if that was required in what was to be a family affair but all this is Barkha’s well-thought plan. She wants to bring to everyone’s attention that she and Ankush, members of the Kapadia family, are back from US. She plans to sneak in to Anupamaa’s house first and then enter their business without her even noticing.

The following day, Anupamaa calls Vanraj again to invite him for the party. After a lot of convincing, he finally decides to come but remains worried about Anuj’s wealth and superior standing in the society. In the upcoming episode, Vanraj’s fears will come true as Barkha will disrespect him at the party. Keep reading HT highlights to find out how Anupamaa will protect her family.

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