Anupamaa written update June 17: Anuj confronts Barkha; Pakhi insults Vanraj for being ‘middle-class’

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Anuj shocks Barkha by confronting her. On the other hand, Pakhi demands to visit Anupamaa’s place but Vanraj doesn’t want the two families to mingle. And drama ensures as the two come at loggerheads. Also read: Anupamaa written update June 16: Vanraj and family leave without eating, Anupamaa and Anuj get upset

Anuj takes a stand for Anupamaa

At the Shah mansion, Vanraj is still feeling anxious about the day’s incidents. Kavya convinces him that there is nothing to worry as Anuj and Anupamaa will never disrespect him. Seeing Kavya taking care of him, Vanraj feels grateful for Kavya.

On the other hand, Anuj confronts Barkha on her true intentions behind the party. He takes a stand for Anupamaa and tells Barkha that he doesn’t like it when someone tries to hurt or sideline her. Barkha tries to act innocent but Anuj catches her lies. Will Anuj take a major step of ousting Barkha from their house to protect Anupamaa?

Meanwhile, Anupamaa starts her day with a pleasant surprise that Anuj and GK left for her. They have planted ‘tulsi’ in their courtyard and turned Anupamaa’s house into her home. Anupamaa then enters her advanced automated Kitchen and turns it upside down with her touch. The real fun will begin when the US-return Barkha will create issues over Anupamaa disturbing the decor of their ‘upper class’ house.

Pakhi disrespects Vanraj

Back at the Shah mansion, Pakhi keeps on praising Anupamaa’s new house and her family. This disturbs Vanraj and Leela. They keep their calm until Pakhi says what they have dreaded. She demands to live with Anupamaa to enjoy the luxury of her upper-class house. Samar, Toshu, and Kinjal try to convince her that it’s better that they should stay in their own house. Leela also scolds her for being selfish and attracted to materialistic things. They all try to explain to her that she should not feel tempted now that Anupamaa is rich, but she is not willing to listen to anyone.

She then openly insults Vanraj by calling him middle-class. Vanraj gets furious and even Samar takes his side. However, Pakhi remains stubborn about her decision. How will this revolting phase of Pakhi affect Anupamaa’s life? Will Vanraj be able to keep his family together?

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Pakhi getting closer to Adhik. Barkha will also get mad at Anupamaa for disturbing the decor of the kitchen. Keep reading HT highlights for more updates.

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