Apple AirTag houses small coin-shaped lithium button batteries which could be mistaken as candies by children and swallowed, thus proving a great health risk as it might even cause death, claims a report by ZDNet.
Usually, the button batteries as used in the AirTag are coated with a substance called Bitrex, which is bitter in taste and as such, is meant to prevent children from swallowing them. But in the case of the AirTag, there is no Bitrex coating as Apple says it could create some issues when used to power the device. As per Apple, the Bitrex-sprayed CR2032 lithium button battery could run into issues and there are some AirTag units that have experienced problems because of the use of the Bitrex spray, adds the report. Hence, for the moment, it is up to you to keep a watchful eye on where you keep your AirTag at home so that the children don’t find one near them.
How to prevent the batteries from falling into the hands of children
Also, the report suggests the following safeguards you should take heed of so that your kids stay safe:

  • You should go for quality battery brands as the companies use higher standards to manufacture them and they come with better safety features.

  • One of the most important things you can do is not to take out the button batteries from their packaging unless needed and also keep the packaging in a secure place where your children can’t see only.

  • If you want to remove part of the bitter coating, try removing just a small portion and only when needed. The coating could be removed by using an “alcohol wipe” or a “lens cleaning swab or injection swab”, as per the report. It should be something which can be disposed off after cleaning.

  • Ensure that the battery compartment of the device is properly closed and double-check on the safety features.

  • Used button batteries should be disposed of carefully and in a proper way.

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