Actor Arjun Mathur is planning to explore a career in the West more actively, and has even hired agents to smoothen the process. He feels one should take advantage of more doors opening for people of colour in Hollywood. However, Mathur is not overlooking his career in India.

“I am working on exploring a career internationally, and doing what anyone would do. I have hired an agent, and a manager. I have a team abroad who are always on a lookout for interesting projects and opportunities,” Mathur tells us.

The Made in Heaven actor continues, “That’s how it works there. You get through purely on the basis of auditions, and the whole systematic process”.

Here, he shuns the idea of cutting down on projects in India in his pursuit to make way in the West. The 40-year-old asserts, “There is no cutting of work here, or anywhere in the world. Because the boundaries all over the world are blurring, with Indian actors getting opportunities from all the world today. So, why not avail them?”.

The actor, who found acclaim through his roles in the web space with projects such as Made in Heaven, The Gone Game, and Jugaadistan, picks examples of the work done by Ali Fazal and Harish Patel to explain his point.

“It is a very great time for Indian actors because the world has opened. Look at the work Fazal or Harish Patel are doing… It is really amazing. It is a very narrow minded approach to only think about leaving one industry for another,” says Mathur, who has wrapped up dark comedy, Lord Curzon Ki Haveli.

“Have a mindset of only this or that. Right now, there are all kinds of actors and sensibilities. If I am comfortable in speaking, thinking and talking in English, it only makes sense for me to use it (to get more opportunities in my career). Everyone should do everything,” wraps up Mathur, who is busy with a personal project of renovating his home.

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