Blonde teaser: Ana de Armas transforms into Marilyn Monroe in monochrome drama, fans predict an Oscar win for her. Watch

The teaser for Blonde, the upcoming biopic of screen legend Marilyn Monroe, was released by Netflix on Thursday evening. The film stars Ana de Armas as Marylin and gives a glimpse at the troubled and brief life of the Hollywood superstar. Blonde is a slightly fictionalized retelling of Marylin’s life as it intersperses facts from her life with fictional elements. Also read: Ana de Armas fuels rumours she’s back with Ben Affleck, then shuts them down

The teaser begins with Ana as Marilyn sitting in her makeup chair as an artist applies finishing touches on her face. Sobbing, she says, “Please come, don’t abandon me,” as the makeup artist replies, “She is coming.” The trailer than gives a glimpse of the film’s recreation of Marylin’s iconic white dress moment. We then see a montage of Marylin attending premieres and events and seemingly getting overwhelmed by the press and crowd around her. The minute-long teaser ends with Marylin looking at herself into the mirror and giving her famous laugh as the makeup artist’s voice is heard again, “She is coming, she is almost here.”

Fans reacted quite positively to the teaser. One fan commented on YouTube, “I can tell Ana De Armas will do justice on this role. She looks beautiful as Marilyn.” Many viewers said that not only was Ana ‘as pretty as’ Marylin but also perfect for the role. “She is the perfect person to play Marilyn Monroe,” read one comment.

Many have even predicted that the actor may go on to win several awards for this role. One fan commented, “Underneath that breathtaking beauty lies an amazing actress. Maybe there’s an Oscar for her in the very near future.” Another wrote, “This will be the first big award-winning/nominated role for Ana. She’s a wonderful actress and I believe she’ll knock it out of the park.”

The film’s official synopsis from Netflix reads, “Blonde boldly reimagines the complicated life of icon Marilyn Monroe. Blurring the lines of fact and fiction, the film artfully explores the tension between her public and private life.”

Directed by Andrew Dominik, Blonde is based on the bestselling book by Joyce Carol Oates. Also starring Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, and Sara Paxton, the film will release on Netflix on September 23.

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