Elon Musk is willing to let these ‘special’ Twitter employees work remotely – Times of India

Elon Musk has come under plenty of backlash over his ultimatum to Tesla employees on remote working which decreed that they have to either work a minimum of 40 hours per week from any main company office or find some other job. Now, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has turned his attention to Twitter employees for the same reason. While Musk seems to be still vehemently opposed to working from home, he is open to granting the work-from-home privilege to a few ‘special’ employees at Twitter as working at Twitter is not the same as working at Tesla.
“Tesla makes cars, and you can’t make cars remotely,” Elon Musk said, according to CNBC.
So what specialty does an employee at Twitter need to have to be exempt from the new rules which the tech mogul wishes to impose and not be considered for eventual firing? They have to be “exceptional”.
“If someone can only work remotely, and they’re exceptional, it wouldn’t make sense to fire them,” said Musk in a virtual town hall with Twitter staff, as per a report by The Wall Street Journal.
“There is a hit one takes remotely, because it does reduce esprit de corps,” Musk also added during the town hall, as per CNN. “Even if someone is working remotely, they’ve got to come in sometimes so they recognize their colleagues… The bias for me may be strongly toward working in person, but if somebody is exceptional then remote work can be okay.”
A few chosen ones might be allowed to work remotely but whether this move is going to sit right with the employees at Twitter remains to be seen. The acquisition is still not done yet.


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