Apple iMessage has always been seen as a huge rival to the Messages app on Android. Image Credit — iStock

Apple iMessage has always been seen as a huge rival to the Messages app on Android. Earlier, Apple was way ahead in the competition as the Android app didn’t offer multiple features that were already available in iMessage. Later on, to catch up to the iMessage app, Google widely rolled out the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging platform that brought several new messaging features to Android.
Recently, Google has attempted an unusual way to urge the Cupertino-based tech giant to adopt RCS that will help iPhones to avoid problems with receiving messages from Android devices. The software giant has referred to the song “Texts Go Green” from Drake’s new album “Honestly, Nevermind” in an “unofficial lyric explainer video” to persuade Apple. Here we will discuss what RCS is and why Google is asking Apple to adopt it.
What is RCS
Rich Communication Services started its journey in 2007 and was later on acquired by the GSMA Association in 2008. GSMA, representing the interests of mobile operators all around the world, decided upon a “Universal Profile” that every service provider, product manufacturer and software developer can utilise to adopt RCS on devices.
RCS messaging is not much different from WhatsApp and Telegram where the whole platform is managed through the internet. This protocol between service providers and devices has features like multi-media support and live chats, as it was designed to substitute the more familiar SMS and MMS messaging service. RCS can compete with the iMessage platform, however, there are a few minor differences between the two of them.
The reason Google is asking Apple to adopt RCS
According to the new video Google released via Twitter, the lyrics of the new Drake song refers to mobile number-based text messages that are being refused by iMessage. The Apple app is showing these messages as green SMS bubbles, hence the “Texts Go Green” connection. Google’s marketing team has used the song to promote the “more general green versus blue bubble phenomenon” that occurs when Android and iOS users connect through their phone numbers, reports 9to5Google. Apart from this, Google has publicly requested Apple to adopt RCS at their I/O 2022 event.
Importance of RCS messaging
The RCS messaging platform depends on the internet to send and receive text, audio, and video messages along with support for video calls. Moreover, it also includes features like — high-resolution media support, typing signs, read receipts and most importantly, end-to-end encryption.
How secure is RCS messaging
This platform is “client-to-server” encrypted that is designed to block spam messages to reach users. According to a report by PocketLint, companies that try to send messages using RCS need to pass a brand verification process for users to find the brand’s name in the sender info. The report also suggests that a lock icon beside the send button verifies if the message is encrypted or not.


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