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Meta has been doubling down on its efforts for its VR-powered Metaverse, a virtual space where everyone’s online avatar would be able to socially engage, with potential applications in different fields. The social media giant has put out some futuristic videos showcasing the possible applications of the future iterations of its VR headset. That the things showcased in the video are actually being worked upon is not confirmed and it will be wise to think of it as a flight of imagination, which is usually the first step towards innovation.
Three areas where the VR headset could find use are highlighted in one of the concept videos by the company. Starting off with the first, the video shows a university lecture in full swing and the professor trying to explain a concept that the students can experience tangibly. Here it is a virtual 3D object the professor and student are seen interacting with. Also, students may not need to be physically present for the class as the video shows their virtual avatars attending classes. How realistic is it going to be? Maybe it can happen within a span of a few years with better hardware.
Another application shown is as regards to the medical field. Meta has claimed that VR could help the students (especially surgeons) practise on a virtual 3D organ before actually going for the real surgery. The video also shows people using sensors on their fingertips which may help with haptic feedback too.
There is something for history students too. The concept video shows that in future, they could actually be present in a virtual rendering of a period location, the ancient Rome in this case, and actually examine how people interacted at that time, how debates were held etc.

The Impact Will Be Real

Another video shows a father and daughter fishing together despite being physically away by around 2,000 miles.

Fishing with Dad

Perhaps it would all be possible with better tech and hardware of future VR headsets by the company. Meta is actually developing its premium Cambria headset and it may see launch later this year.

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