Followers Brace for affect: JoJoLands, the ninth a part of the franchise is nearly right here

The joy is palpable for followers of JoJo’s Weird Journey because the highly-anticipated JoJoLands, the ninth a part of the franchise is ready to be launched this week. Followers are desirous to expertise the month-to-month serialization of a brand-new half for the primary time, with some even speculating that this can be the ultimate chapter. Though there was no official affirmation in regards to the plot, listed here are some common speculations made by followers:

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Stands stay the facility system in JoJoLands

Regardless of being speculative, followers are sure that Stands will as soon as once more be the primary energy system within the upcoming JoJoLands. This isn’t stunning, provided that each half 7, Metal Ball Run, and half 8, JoJolion, additionally closely featured Stands and their skills.

The spin will play a task

The Spin, a major ingredient in each half 7 and half 8, is predicted to be integrated into JoJoLands ultimately. It might embrace Stand means or the characters will combat solely with the Spin.

The setting is subtropical

Teased in a earlier difficulty of Shueisha’s Extremely Leap journal, the setting for JoJoLands would be the subtropical islands, as confirmed by the accompanying illustrations. The preview additionally teased that the story will revolve round “a boy who comes into nice wealth.”

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The protagonist is a Giorno Alternate

It’s strongly believed by followers that the protagonist for the upcoming half is an alternate model of Giorno Giovanna, who was the protagonist of half 5. This idea is supported by the character design preview for half 9’s protagonist, which shares some similarities with Dio.

The protagonist is expounded to Joseph Joestar

In line with Hirohiko Araki, the protagonist of JoJoLands might be a descendant of Joseph Joestar from the brand new universe.

A throwback to the unique universe

With JoJoLands rumoured to be the ultimate a part of the collection, followers hope for a hyperlink again to the unique universe. Though the reintroduction of Jolyne Cujoh was beforehand speculated, it has been debunked. Nonetheless, followers nonetheless anticipate Araki to tie the 2 universes collectively ultimately.

A JoBro might be launched

Each JoJo-verse protagonist had their very own sidekick or JoBro. It will probably be the identical for JoJoLands, who will probably develop into a beloved character.

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