Father’s Day 2022: Nikitin Dheer’s still getting used to the idea of being a father

This year will be actor Nikitin Dheer’s first Father’s Day. And the actor is elated about it. Ask him what’s the plan and he says, “Unfortunately, I am shooting out of Mumbai and even if I wasn’t my daughter, Devika, is too young to even realise such days exist. For me, everyday is Father’s Day after having become one.”

The new dad admits that “it is still sinking in” and he is “still getting used to the idea of having become a father”. He says, “Having said that, it is a beautiful feeling. It has been barely over a month. It has been all about highs and emotions. Moreover, I think a mother experiences more than a father does, so early into parenthood. To say the least, I am enjoying everyday one day at a time.”

His definition of parenthood is all about “care, love, affection and providing safety”. Talking about how has being a father changed him, he says, “I just feel a certain sense of calm and happiness..elated.”

They say we turn into our parents (after a while in life), has he felt he aped anything that his dad, actor Pankaj Dheer does/ would do with him? Nikitin replies, “Everything I am is because of my parents. From Dad, I have learnt responsibility and that sums it all up. A father, son, husband or just a friend, a sense of responsibility best describes a person. In addition to that, I want to be able to give my daughter all my time and capture all tiny moments.”

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