Father’s Day: Aparshakti Khurana, Aditya Narayan and Suyyash Rai on being new dads!

From chilled out, to hands-on, from being an entertainer to feeling guilty about not spending enough time with their child- dads come in all shapes and forms. This Father’s Day, we talk to first time dads about their experiences with fatherhood, their plans for the day and handling daddy duties.

Aparshakti Khurana with his daughter Arzoie

Being a father has made me want to be a better person: Aparshakti Khurana

I am so excited about my first Father’s Day with Arzoie!! Though she’s too small to wish me but it’s the first of many and I am looking forward to it. Every moment that I spend with her has been a high. Everything with her is a memory in the making. For me, the lows in this journey have been the moments I couldn’t be with her even when I really wanted to. For me, parenthood is working on yourself every day in order to be your child’s safest place. Also, signing up for parenthood means signing up for a never-ending entertainment.

Being a father has made me want to be a better person. It has also made me more affectionate and loving. My parents never let their love for me come in the way of teaching me discipline. They ensured that through their style of parenting I become a loved but also a disciplined child. The same has helped me a lot in my life and I am trying to do the same with Arzoie.

Nikitin Dheer has a daughter
Nikitin Dheer has a daughter

I am enjoying one day at a time: Nikitin Dheer

I am still getting used to the idea of having become a father, and my first Father’s Day is here. Having said that it’s a beautiful feeling. I want to be able to give my daughter, Devika, all my time capture tiny moments. Unfortunately, I am shooting at an outdoor, and even if I wasn’t, she is too young to even realise such days exist. For me, every day is Father’s day after having become one. Being a parent for me means care, love, affection and providing safety. It has been more than a month and it has been a high. To say the least, I am enjoying one day at a time. Being a father makes me feel a certain sense of calm, happy and elated.

Aditya Narayan with his daughter Tvisha
Aditya Narayan with his daughter Tvisha

I am a FOMO dad: Aditya Narayan

It feels great to be a dad. It is so new for me. My daughter, Tvisha, is too cute and we often play a lot. She is developing her personality. When I return from an assignment, I always feel like she has grown up a lot. I am a FOMO dad and feel like I am always missing out. Since the past few weeks, she is staying awake for longer and seems to be observing a lot. I am enjoying being with her and playing.

She is in a hurry to grow up. She hasn’t started crawling but attempts walking. She might just start walking one day. Having a child is a blessing and having a daughter is even more so. I am surrounded by female energy with my mum, wife, grandmother, daughter and three female dogs. Maybe that’s why there is so much prosperity.

Seeing my wife Shweta taking care of my daughter is surreal. It makes you realise the importance of having a mother. It has made me respect my parents much more and my respect for Shweta has grown ten-fold. She does the lion’s share of the work willingly, though I want to help out. I play with our daughter and entertain her while my wife is the one who is taking care of her.

Suyyash Rai with his son Nirvair
Suyyash Rai with his son Nirvair

I am the entertainer-dad: Suyyash Rai

This Father’s Day is special as it’s my first, even if my son, Nirvair, is too young to understand it. We plan to have a fun day with family. After becoming a dad, staying away from home is tough and often I find myself rushing home after work. I am quite the hands-on dad and help with whatever I can, especially recently when my wife, Kishwer Merchant was away, my son and I had a lot of fun. As a dad, I am more of an entertainer and love to play with him often.

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