Father’s Day! First time dad Ankit Mohan says, ‘Want my son to struggle and not have it on a silver platter’

This Father’s Day is extremely special for Pawankhind actor Ankit Mohan. He welcomed his first child, Ruan, in December last year, so this is his first time celebrating Father’s Day.

“The feeling is very fresh and new,” says Mohan, who is absolutely smitten by the idea of being a dad. “I feel big. I’m a father!” he exclaims and quips, “I’ve got someone who isn’t even bigger than my arms.”

Talking about his experience with fatherhood, the 35-year-old shares, “Fatherhood has changed me a lot. It has transformed me into a better man, a more responsible person, and a more caring partner toward Ruchi (Savarn, actor-wife). It’s a beautiful feeling and it has changed me into a very positive man.”

Mohan boasts that his child is a chirpy baby. “He passes a smile to everyone, even if they are a stranger,” he mentions. The actor reminisces how his father used to take him to an akhada when he was a kid. “Since then, the inclination to stay healthy has always stayed. My father was also someone who gave us a prosperous life despite all the struggles. The never-give-up attitude is something I’ve got from him. I even want my son to struggle and not have it on a silver platter,” Mohan elaborates.

He also points out that the baby is already taking inspiration from his father. “The other day, I saw him in a push-up position for only a few seconds, but I was like, that’s a good sign. I am waiting for him to start crawling and walking a little. I will take him to the gym once or twice a week just to make him aware of that atmosphere. I have beautiful plans for him,” Mohan signs off.

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