Father’s Day special | Shaheer Sheikh: I feel guilty for not giving my daughter and wife much time

Shaheer Sheikh has been a father for nine months now to his little bundle of joy, Anaya. And he is feeling the pinch of his personal life going for a toss because of the multiple work commitments he juggles.

“There is no time I get for family, and I feel really guilty that I have not been able to give that much time to them. That’s the reason whenever I am not working, I hardly answer calls or reply to messages. People get offended, and feel bad, they say I am rude. But I am trying to just give as much time as possible to my family,” confesses the 38-year-old, recently seen in the music video of Iss Baarish Mein.

Sheikh further says that life after becoming a dad is all about being with Anaya all the time. “I just don’t want to leave her in the morning, and since I have to, I feel guilty. I am trying my best to manage more time, and not take up more projects as of now,” says the actor.

He finds handling daddy duties easier than being a public figure in fact. He laughs when you ask him, but the one tip Sheikh follows is, “I have just started. I have one basic rule or principle, every individual has their own path, their own journey, and they have to walk on that alone. We mostly tend to control and not explore. That’s not good, I will let Anaya explore her own path.”

Does he have to rely on video calls to see his daughter? “Not really, I am not a video person at all! I don’t video call my mum as well, it’s weird for me,” he ends.

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