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Google has announced an upcoming widget for its Maps app that will soon be available for Android users. This new widget will help Android users to get the latest updates on nearby traffic at their current location. In 2021, Google launched a similar widget for iOS users and is now planning to expand the service to Android users. However, the “Know before you go” widget on iOS is more detailed that allows users to check — the latest traffic conditions, location details, store opening times, restaurant reviews and more. The tech giant has also mentioned that its first-party apps offer over 30 widgets on Android and the new Google Maps one will take the count to 35, once it has been added.
Google Maps nearby traffic widget on Android
According to a report by 9to5Google, the tech giant has revealed the first look of the widget which seemed to have a 2×2 size. However, Google hasn’t made it clear if users can resize the widget or if it will be joining the “Quickly find nearby places” one.
Google’s preview shows off a rounded square with a map inside that also has the user’s current location marked by a blue dot at the centre, the report suggests. Google will alert users to the status of the traffic denoted with green, orange and red lines, just like the way users can see the Traffic map layer in the full app.
The widget will also include a floating action button (FAB) that will have the Dynamic Colour theme and will be available in the bottom-right corner while the Google logo will be in the bottom-left corner. The FAB will allow users to zoom in and out of the map.
As per the report, users will be able to see traffic information for their current location directly from their Android Home screen. This will help users to take a glance at the local traffic before leaving for home, work, school or anywhere else, the report mentions.
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