Google sends an important ‘text’ message to Apple with a song – Times of India

Google has tried an unconventional tack to request Apple to embrace one of its text messaging services. The software giant has asked Apple to allow iPhone users to switch to RCS (Rich Communication Services) so that they do not have to face the issue of iPhones having trouble getting messages from Android devices. To get its point across, Google actually relied on the “Texts Go Green” song from Drake’s new album Nevermind and posted an “unofficial lyric explainer video” on Twitter.
With “Texts Go Green”, Google is referring to phone number-based text messages from Android devices getting blocked on iMessage and the texts appearing as green SMS bubbles.
The video Google’s marketing team posted on Twitter is about 38 seconds long and features white text on a black background. The gist of the video content is that Google wants the iPhone to support RCS so that messaging between the iPhone and Android phones could get easier. The text in the video reads:
“The Android team thinks Drake’s new song “Texts Go Green” is a real banger. It refers to the phenomenon when an iPhone user gets blocked. Or tries to text someone who doesn’t have an iPhone. Either way, it’s pretty rough. If only some super talented engineering team at Apple would fix this. Because this is a problem only Apple can fix. They just have to adopt RCS, actually. It would make texting more secure too. Just sayin’. Great track tho.”

By “make texting more secure too”, Google is alluding to the fact that RCS supports encryption.
Google has sent its message to Apple. Is Apple going to listen?

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