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The Elder Scrolls Online is going to add a new chapter called the High Isle for both the next gen and the older consoles (which include PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Xbox One) on June 21. The High Isle is a new adventure featuring an entirely new part of Tamriel and will allow players to explore the history and culture of the Bretons.
The new game content features the Systeres archipelago, the home of the Breton people, where you’ll get to explore the lands of the High Isle and Amenos. The landscape includes white cliffs, castles and also jungles and thus should be tempting enough for the Elder Scrolls fan in you to go exploring.
But it’s not just about random quests. You have arrived in the land of the Bretons for more important reasons. There is a conspiracy brewing in the land of the noble elite and you have to get to the truth behind it. You’ll uncover the schemes of the Ascendant Order which is a secret order of the knights led by the mysterious Ascendant Lord. Peace is not on the mind of this lord who wishes to see Tamriel burn in the flames of conflict.
The High Isle comes with new quests (but you knew that), challenges, monsters and subsequent rewards on completing the tasks. The rewards are unique to this chapter and include collectibles, item sets etc. You can recruit two new companions: Ember and Isobel and even chill out with a tankard of mead in Tales of Tribute, a deck building game.


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