Apple unveiled the latest version of its iOS operating system — iOS 16 at its annual developer conference WWDC 2022. The company talked about various interesting features which will be coming to iPhones later this fall with iOS 16. One such feature which makes your life less annoying is called Automatic Verification. The feature will prevent you from the hassle of entering the infamous CAPTCHAs.
According to a report by MacRumours, the Automatic Verification feature will come to iPhones and Macs and will allow some websites to know that you are not a bot without you actually doing anything. The report adds that the Cupertino-based tech giant has worked with two main content delivery networks — Fastly and Cloudflare to develop this system. So, this means that with the launch of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, the websites that use either of the two services will take advantage of this feature and you will not see many CAPTCHAs.
Apple has revealed earlier that the technology behind this feature is called ‘Private Access Tokens’.The technology allows HTTP requests to be authenticated via legitimate devices without revealing personal information.
With iOS 16 in place, the Automatic Verification feature will use the Private Access Token for a seamless verification process. With this feature, the Apple ID and the device will get certified in the background with the help of this token and it can then be used for signing in, creating accounts, and more.
You can find this feature in the Settings> Apple ID> Password and Security> Automatic Verification. The feature will be enabled by default in iOS 16.


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