Earlier this month at WWDC, Apple announced the latest iteration of the operating system for iPhonesiOS 16. The new lock screen was the show’s highlight, but there are quite a few nifty few that add up to the whole experience; one such feature was discovered recently, and it might prove to be a saving grace for many. We are talking about the new built-in unit conversion feature in the iOS 16.
First spotted by developer Federico Vittici, iOS 16 comes with a native unit conversion feature which works throughout the system apps, from Messages to Notes. So, now with the built-in unit conversion, you don’t have to worry anymore about going to Google and finding out how much is 68 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius.
The feature is currently available in the developer beta build of the iOS 16, and it works on Messages, Notes, Calendar, and across every other stock app. All you need to do is tap on the temperature, currency or distance, and you will get the direct conversion that will pop up on your screen. It works for currencies, distance, weight, volume, temperature and time zones. And the conversion is done in your country’s preferred default unit.
We tried out the unit conversion for ourselves and it worked flawlessly. In the above feature image, we made a note in the Notes app and the unit conversion feature showed us the quantities in preferred units in India. Moreover, we tried it out on the Messages app, and it was working fine there too.
The feature should available to a wider audience in September when the iOS 16 rolls out for every compatible iPhone.


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