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Lenovo teased a new concept notebook – MOZI – through Red Dot – a unique take on a traditional notebook with a retractable keyboard and built-in projector. The laptop replaces the traditional laptop display with a projector which will project onto a separate screen. Moreover, the laptop ditches the keyboard and trackpad for a retractable keyboard. And the MOZI concept notebook has won the RedDot award this year.
There is not much known about Lenovo’s MOZI concept but Red Dot has shared an image and a short description reading, “MOZI is a smart notebook that displays the image by projection with a low ratio of blue light. It consists of a computer unit with a fully extendable keyboard and a separate screen onto which the content is projected. Alternatively, another suitable surface, such as a wall, can be used as a projection area. At the end of use, the keyboard is pushed into the computer unit where it is safely stored thanks to magnets.”
The image shows off the laptop’s 6-row chiclet-style keyboard with a tenkeyless (TNK) layout, and it measures around 30cm in width. The keyboard can be retracted out and back inside when not in use. Further, we also see Dolby Atmos branding which suggests that the laptop might have Dolby-tuned speakers. Then there is a physical button at the top above the “Dolby Atmos” branding which seems to be a power button but it could also be a fingerprint sensor. Lastly, the body of the laptop is said to have an in-built projector, and it also comes with a separate screen. The projector displays the contents on that separate screen or wall to a larger audience, and as per the description, it has a low ratio of blue light emission.
As of now, we do not know anything about the laptop’s specifications. Also, there is no word on if this laptop will ever be available to purchase in the market. Lenovo MOZI remains a concept for now until we learn more about it.


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