Microsoft Teams offers organisations collaborative online tools and chat channels to discuss, share files and help their employees to work together. In recent years, Microsoft’s video calling platform has grown a lot since it came bundled with Microsoft 365 for Business. The tech giant also keeps on adding new features to the video calling service to attract more users. According to a report by The Verge, Microsoft is now planning to add casual games into Microsoft Teams.
Games to be added to Microsoft Teams
As per the report, Microsoft’s Casual Games Studio, known for titles like Solitaire, Minesweeper and Wordament is exploring a way to inject some fun into Teams. The report claims that the company is working on bringing Solitaire, Minesweeper and Word Games to Microsoft Team. However, the report doesn’t confirm if the testing phase will eventually result in a finished product. Moreover, the report also claims that Microsoft is developing an updated official version of Minesweeper for Android and iOS.
The report also mentions that the company will perform extensive testing to determine what value these features may add to Microsoft Teams. The company is concerned that these games might drop productivity “if everybody is gaming,” suggests the report. However, Microsoft is expected to publish research to suggest that team-based activities and friendly competition may increase productivity in the long run. Moreover, various studies already suggest that team-building exercises do improve employee well-being and motivation.
Microsoft is planning to add these casual games to Teams as more or less anybody and everybody knows how to play them. The report also suggests that this is what the future of networking might look like, however, administrators will have the ability to control access to these sorts of features.
Meanwhile, Solitaire alone has over 30 million monthly active users which makes it the second-biggest video game franchise from Microsoft after Minecraft.
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