Nick Jonas in a new interview spoke about life after becoming a father, and why he and Priyanka Chopra decided to share the story of their daughter’s hospitalisation on social media.

Nick Jonas has opened up about his daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas’ hospitalisation for the first time since he and Priyanka Chopra welcomed her home. Nick and Priyanka shared in an Instagram post in May that Malti, whom they welcomed through surrogacy, was born premature and had to spend 100 days in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) before they could bring her home. Also Read| Nick Jonas says Texas tragedy hit harder now that he’s a dad himself: I can’t not think about the kids

Nick recently revealed that he and Priyanka felt it was important for them to share their journey with others, to tell them they are not alone when they face medical challenges. He also spoke about his life after welcoming Malti, which includes challenges on a daily basis.

During a joint interview with his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas for People magazine, Nick said, “I think that what we shared on social media was just kinda the feeling that we had, the gratitude obviously to have our baby home. But also for each and every person that was part of her journey while in the hospital. It’s eye opening in a lot of ways. And I think it was really important for us to just share that. And make sure that people know that whatever their journey is, whether it’s something like we went through or diabetes or whatever challenges might come up, you’re not alone. And grateful to have a teammate in Pri who was a rock the whole time and continues to be.”

Nick also said that finding ‘brilliant partners’ in life have helped him and his brothers become a better version of themselves. Speaking about life after becoming a father, Nick said, “Every day is a surprise and presents its own set of challenges and brilliant moments and things that just blow your mind along the way. I’m just having the time of my life watching her grow, it’s been a beautiful ride. ..I have a deep kind of insane love that I can’t even describe.”

Priyanka had spoken about her daughter’s tough hospital journey in her Mother’s Day post on May 8. She had written, “On this Mother’s Day we can’t help but reflect on these last few months and the rollercoaster we’ve been on, which we now know, so many people have also experienced. After 100 plus days in the NICU, our little girl is finally home.”

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