Indian brand Noise is set to enter smart eyewear segment. The company is aiming to further strengthen its position in the wearable industry with the launch of the new connected lifestyle product, smart glasses. According to sources close to the company, the company’s very first pair of smart eyewear have been developed under Noise Labs. The brand recently launched the tech incubator Noise Labs that it says aim to create first-of-its-kind and ground-breaking products for India.
Likely pricing of Noise smart glasses
As for the pricing, the smart eye glasses are likely to be priced between Rs 5,000-7,000. At this price tag the smart glasses from Noise will be the most-affordable product in their category so far.
Likely design and features
The upcoming smart eyewear is expected to offer a UVA/B 99% protection against sun rays in sunglasses lenses and changeable blue light filtering transparent lenses to reduce eye strain and provide clear vision when working on screen.
Going by Noise’s current product portfolio, it is very likely that the smart eyewear will include audio support with long battery life. Sources further told TOI-Gadgets Now that the smart eyewear will come with support for voice assistants like Apple Siri and Google Assistant.


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