OnePlus introduced its iconic alert slider feature in the Android world and has kept it mainstream since its debut. However, Apple had a similar slider way before OnePlus started offering it. Since its debut, the alert slider has been common on most OnePlus handsets. Meanwhile, as the company expanded to include entry-level phones (basically rebranded Oppo devices), it left out this iconic feature.
OnePlus Nord N models didn’t include the alert slider. Earlier, some leaked renders of the upcoming OnePlus 10T were tipped online which showed that the OnePlus 10T is going to miss out on the company’s iconic alert slider.
Why OnePlus 10T won’t have an alert-slider
According to GSMArena, OnePlus is planning to start a new trend where the company will include the alert slider only on the OnePlus Pro flagships. The report also mentions that premium OnePlus handsets that are not Pro variants and the upcoming Nord models will miss out on this staple feature.
However, some upcoming Oppo flagships might include the alert slider, suggested the report. Oppo is planning to “borrow” the feature from its sister brand. However, considering the previous situation that spiralled when the companies decided to merge OxygenOS with ColorOS, OnePlus fans may have a mixed reaction to this decision as well.
Moreover, OnePlus hasn’t confirmed this decision and can just be a mere rumour. More details will be available when the company announces such a trend.
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