Adobe has already updated the web version of the Photoshop service since its first release. Representative Image

Adobe introduced the web version of Photoshop in October, 2021 as a simplified version of the app that could be used for basic edits. The company promoted this version more as a collaboration tool that allowed artists to share an image for others to put some annotations and add a few small tweaks. The initial web version includes layers and some core editing tools, however, the platform didn’t offer the full range of features that are available for paid subscribers.
Adobe Photoshop freemium version for web users
According to a report by The Verge, Adobe has started testing a new version of Photoshop for web users. The company is also planning to open up this service for everyone to attract more users to the app. Currently, only Canadian users who create an Adobe account, can access the free web version of Photoshop. The browser-only version of Adobe Photoshop will soon be available to users in more regions, suggests the report.
As per the report, this new version includes some features that are exclusive to paying subscribers. However, the company claims that there will be enough free tools for users to perform Photoshop’s core functions. Adobe’s VP of digital imaging, Maria Yap said that the company wants Photoshop to be more “accessible and easier” for people to try out and experience the service.
Importance of Adobe Photoshop’s freemium version
The report suggests that the web version of Photoshop is essential as it will open up the company’s one of the most popular tools for Chromebooks, which is eventually getting adopted by the educational sector at the global level. Adobe aims to utilise the web version of Photoshop to attract more users who would want to pay for the paid version, in the long run, the report adds.
New additions to the web version of Adobe Photoshop
Adobe has already updated the web version of Photoshop since its first release. Initially, users had to share a document to the web from the desktop app, however, Photoshop subscribers can now log in and start a new document directly from the web. Meanwhile, the company hasn’t shared any details regarding a broader launch of the freemium version.
Recently, Adobe updated the web version of Photoshop with more tools that include — refine edge, curves, dodge and burn tools, along with the ability to convert Smart Objects. Moreover, users will soon be able to review and comment from mobile devices on images shared by other web users.
The report adds that the company has also previewed a new AI-powered Neural Filter that can restore old photos. This new filter can clean up the scratches of any old photo and can restore some of its colours. The new filter uses Adobe’s existing colourise filter to add colours to black-and-white photos.


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