Prajaktta Mali who wishes to explore Bollywood has started giving auditions. She talks about entering the Hindi movie space and playing the lead in a South film.

Search actor Prajaktta Mali’s name on the internet and you’ll come across several news articles talking about how the actor has gone bold for recent Marathi series, RaanBazaar. Mali, however, is unfazed by the tag she has received and calls it a marketing move by the makers.

“I’m not much affected by these words or the online portal news. This was also the strategy by the OTT platform and it has clearly worked. I believe more than the intimate scenes, our content is bold in the series,” Mali states.

Mali admits that there’s more focus on her sartorial choices than her film choices. “People usually talk about my looks more than my acting,” she says, adding how she hoped the series will change their perspective. “I did hope people I’ll consider me as good actor and not just charming and beautiful. I hoped they’d consider me for good roles. Now they will know (my potential). I believe they (makers) have not tapped my potential yet. I still haven’t given my best. Even this (RaanBazaar) is not my best (performance),” she elaborates.

Mali who wishes to explore Bollywood has started giving auditions. “I want good role. I cannot do sidey roles. I (definitely) want people to notice me. When you do Bollywood, you entertain pan India audience. So, I want to expand. I (even) see myself in the South industry as the lead girl. And now we are seeing more Marathi faces in Hindi films and series,” she signs off.

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