Quordle is a tougher version of the New York Times-owned game Wordle that has multiple answers and takes up a lot of time for the users who try to figure it out and solve them. To make it easy for the enthusiasts to find the right answers in a prompt we have provided a few Quordle hints and the answers for today. Are you ready for today’s Quordle answer?
Quordle 137 hints for June 10, 2022
Today’s Quordle answers are all vowel heavy words, Here, are the clues to help you further. The answers for today do not have any repetitive letters so guessing the letters for each word could take up some time.
The four words begin with the letters — A, A, C and B
The words end with — E, O, M and N
The clue for Word 1 — the positively charged electrode
The clue for Word 2 — sound; especially when recorded, transmitted or reproduced
The clue for Word 3 — a deep fissure on Earth’s surface
The clue for Word 4 — starting; perform or undergo the first part
These Quordle hints and clues will help you to get closer to today’s answer and will help you find the solutions you seek. The answers for Quordle 137 for June 10, 2022, are also mentioned below for your ease. Here are the Quordle 137 answers for today.
Quordle 137 answers for June 10, 2022
This section reveals the answers to today’s Quordle. If you are unable to solve today’s word puzzle you can use the help of these answers given below. Spoiler Alert!
These clues and hints will help you to get to the right answer for today’s Quordle. If you are still unable to solve it you can check the answers below. We will be back with Quordle 138 hints and answer on June 11, 2022. Stay tuned!
The answers for Quordle 137 are:

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