Samsung Wallet is an all-inclusive digital wallet app that allows Galaxy smartphone users to access Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass in a single app. However, the Samsung Wallet app is exclusive to Galaxy devices, whereas the Samsung Pay app works on handsets that are not even from the company.
According to a recent report by SamMobile, the Samsung Pay app stopped working for “non-Samsung” devices. The report also mentioned that some users have also complained about the issue on Reddit and have claimed that the app is not working on their Galaxy Watch connected to devices from other brands.
However, now SamMobile has updated its report and has mentioned that the issue has been fixed with a patch. The report suggests that the company has confirmed that the Samsung Pay “will now work as intended” on non-Galaxy devices.
What issue did Galaxy Watch users with ‘non-Samsung’ devices face
As per the previous report, some users were not able to log into their Samsung Pay app which was showing an error message that said: “ID is not valid”. Moreover, the earlier report also mentioned that the company’s customer support also noted that the Samsung Pay app will no longer work on devices that are from other brands.
Why Samsung Pay was causing such a trouble
The issue was caused by a bug that is now patched by the company. Earlier, XDA Developers reported that the affected users who couldn’t sign in to their Samsung Pay account were still able to access their Samsung accounts using the same ID.
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