She starred in a w eb show, Bestseller, recently and now is looking forward to her next film, Salaar with Prabhas while working on her music. Actor Shruti Haasan seems to have found the knack of balancing her career in various mediums.

But while there are traditional yardsticks like the box office to measure success of films and music, the digital platform is devoid of that. Ask her about it and Hassan explains the public response on social media for a project is a barometer.

“When people engage about a project on social media in a conversation, they are engaging with the content. So now there’s box office collection, the critics view and then there is the social media response. That tells you if the audience has connected and related to your content. A clip becoming viral from a film, people dancing to a song and making reels, I feel, look at the number of shares, now the landscape of judging something has completely changed. For example, if some one likes a Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali or a Bollywood film, now they can follow the makers and cast and also get so much information about them on the internet. This exchange of information is exchange of energy,” she explains.

Other than films and OTT, the actor is also balancing her music career. Is there a road map about where to go next? She replies, “I am unplanned. I am planned about certain things. I don’t know how people can plan opportunities. I commend people who can focus on one thing. For me, when an opportunity comes my way, I take it up if it interests me. I have a glad that I am able to balance between music and movies and have some time for myself. That’s what I never had earlier. A balance in life is my road map – especially now.”

She adds, “I need to work because if I don’t work for many days, then I am an annoying person (laughs). I love my job -whether it is going on a movie set or going to jam for music. I feel lucky that my job is to be an artiste. As I am gotten older, I am thankful and am able to appreciate my job. I take opportunities as they come.”

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