It seems like Reels were not enough for Meta to fight withTikTok. Well, they are not stopping at Instagram. Meta is preparing Facebook to take on TikTok, and some big changes might be coming soon to catch up with TikTok. Mark Zuckerberg has already stated that the company’s top priority is to get ahead of TikTok. As per an internal memo obtained by The Verge, Facebook is set to undergo some changes to compete against TikTok.
The Verge published an internal memo addressed to Facebook employees by Tom Alison, VP of Facebook at Meta. According to the memo, Facebook will be ditching its friends only to a TikTok-inspired feed which will show posts from everyone and anyone regardless of whether the user is following them or not. The publication connected with the head of Facebook himself, and he says that Meta wants to become Facebook a “discovery engine.” It is not the first time we have heard about this; Mark Zuckerberg has already referenced it in a recent earnings call.
In a nutshell, as Allison said, Meta wants to replicate TikTok’s “For You” feed which will show you content from “unconnected” accounts. So, you might see more reels from the people not on your friends list on Facebook soon. Also, the company is further planning to push more tending content to users in addition to the ones made by original creators.
Furthermore, Meta is planning to integrate Facebook and Messenger apps. TikTok again inspires the move. The idea behind it is that users can share the content suggested by the “discovery engine” with their friends directly from the Facebook app without switching to a different one, similar to Instagram, as Allison believes there is a shift in how people share content today.
The report also gives us a brief idea of what the future Facebook app could look like. So, the main feed will compromise Reels and Stories at the top and include posts from both Facebook and Instagram suggested by Facebook’s discovery engine. The Verge suggests that the experience will be “video-heavy”, and users would be able to share the posts with their friends easily.
Meta has three priorities for Facebook right now – make reels successful, build a world-class recommendations technology and unlock message-based sharing. It is not known how and when Facebook will implement these changes


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