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Twitter has announced the return of its developer conference, Twitter Chirp. The company has also announced a Developer Challenge where it aims to “inspire and reward innovation”. The microblogging social media platform will host this in-person event in San Francisco on November 16. In 2010, Twitter introduced the Chirp developer meet but the event was cancelled for the following years. In 2015, the company held its last live developer conference which was named Twitter Flight.
Why Twitter is hosting this event after 7 years
Twitter hasn’t shared a good relationship with developers since its last event in 2015. The company. One of the biggest reasons was the API changes that the company implemented in 2018, which were highly criticised and poorly communicated. Especially, Twitter’s clients that develop third-party apps even complained that the company was “breaking their apps”.
However, in 2020, the company launched an all-new version of its API in an attempt to improve its relationship with the developers. Twitter added new tools for researchers to easily study the platform and even experimented with new developer-friendly features such as recommending third-party services in its app.
Importance of the upcoming event
The company has mentioned in its blog post that the event will have a keynote speech, technical sessions and participants have the opportunity to meet the Twitter Developer Platform team. Apart from these, participants will also be allowed to connect and get their questions answered by both the Twitter team and other developers in the company’s global community. Moreover, Twitter has also decided to Livestream the keynote speech for the ones who are unable to physically attend the event.
However, Twitter seems determined to go ahead with the conference, even when the company’s future remains uncertain as the Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s deal to take over the social media platform has still not gone through. According to a recent regulatory filing, the company’s board has unanimously advised the shareholders to approve the $44 billion deal proposed by the billionaire.
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