Actor and fitness enthusiast Shama Sikander asserts that it’s because of her regular practice of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga that she has discovered life without ailments and physiotherapists. Now, the actor is busy spreading the goodness of yoga among her followers through social media.

“There was a time when I was running to clinics, taking physio sessions and too much of allopathic treatments. Then, few years ago, I decided to re-explore yoga in an absolute authentic way. And, that’s where my yoga guru entered my life and introduced me to the real world of this amazing ancient healing art,” says the Mann and Mayaa-Slave of her Desires actor.

Sharing her inclination, Sikander says, “Yoga made me channelise all my energies in the right direction and focus well on myself. The process made me accept my being, inside-out. I learnt that most of my persisting health qualms were merely due to the lack of self-focus and body mobility. The cure was within me and I was searching it everywhere, except in me.”

Last seen in the film Bypass Road and web series Ab Dil Ki Sunn, Sikander persuaded her husband James Milliron and other family members into the world of yoga.

She adds, “Yoga helped me strike that perfect balance between heart, mind and soul and it made me resistance free. Today, I am a better and fitter being so I want others also to benefit from it. Though James is usually busy with his work but still whenever he is able to sneak some time, he too tags along for a yoga session as he understands its numerous advantages. Yoga has transformed the world and we should feel proud that this beautiful art has originated from our land.”

The actor, who was recently seen in a music video Majnu Remix with Mika Singh, says, “Celebrating International Day of Yoga has actually made many around the globe get up and take notice of the importance of yoga and how beneficial it can be for all, irrespective of their place of origin or body type.”

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